Firefox (Nightly) 23 [ 32 and 64 bit ]

Firefox (Nightly) 23 [ 32 and 64 bit ]

Nightly is a unofficial version of firefox, nightly is an unofficial build of firefox but it is done through firefox unlike waterfox which is outdated currently. It has all the advantages of firefox but if your running a 64 bit OS then it gives you better memory utilization and speed increase, all plugins work make sure to install 64bit flash and 64it java, it should be automatic but if not just go here: 64bit version is better, only install if you have a 64bit os java 64 bit
Flash :
Check this page to make sure your plugins are up to date :
Support page for Nightly of the previous projects 32 and 64 bit firefox, browse through here if your curious n whatnot
Browsing made easy with The awesome bar and the search bar on the top
* Improved interface with tabs on the top, Firefox button and Bookmark button
* Simplified reload or Stop button and with home button
* Tabs here- App tabs, Switch-to-tabs, New tabs
* Reopen closed tabs and windows
* Stay in sync
* Password manager & with Popup Blocker
* Search suggestions and 100 of search enginess
* Session restore and spell checking
* One click Bookmarking and tags, library

             Firefox (Nightly) 23 [ 32 and 64 bit ] Download Here

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